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ADSL redhat 9.1

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Currently needing to connect to adsl.... very much a beginner with linux... pc was our email server connected through diginet lines... adsl is capped... any info would be much appreicated

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This sounds like a dedicated ADSL line for a business, so that you don't have to dial-in?


I assume that you are connected to a network via cat5 cables and a NIC card and not directly through a USB modem?


I'm very much a beginner at DSL, just got Verizon a little over a month ago. It took me a while to get it set up, depending on the distro.


RedHat 9.1 is fairly old and more difficult to set up. Any reason why you are not using Fedora Core 4? This is much easier to set up.


If you have a progressive DSL provider, they can be helpful. Unfortunately, my questions were met with silence on the phone and a statement "we don't support Linux."

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