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GRUB problem again text mode would be easy fix for a linux user

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Id just like to thank people again for helping me before and I have been happy with linux for a few days setting up Yum and java and installing programs. But I have entered a problem GRUB is now booting into text mode and since I am a linux newbie I dont know what to do I dont even know how I did it. It says:



GNU GRUB version 0.95 (639k lower / 261056k upper memory)

[minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possbile command compelations. Anywhere else TAB lists the possible complialtion of a device/filename]




Now I dont know what to do. I have fixed the mbr where the GRUB record was so it will boot straight into Windows now. I would appreciate help because I have only been using linux for a few days and love it please dont keep me away any longer frown.


p.s Here are the commands it brough up when I pressed TAB:

background blocklist boot cat chainloader clear cmp color configfile debug displayapm displaymem embed find foreground fstest geomety halt help hide impsprobe initrd install ioprobe kernel lock makeactive map md5 crypt module modulenounzip pager partnew parttype password pause read reboot root rootnoverity savedefault serial setkey setup splashimage terminal terminfo testload testvbe unhide uppermem vbcprobe


I hope that helps thanx again


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