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Change Dictionary in Office 2003.

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Hi. im norwegian and took a trip to england and found a nice offer on MS office 2003 software pack.

So i bought it and im well pleased with it. the only problem is that when i write letters and other docs i dont have norwegian dictionary. it says i dont have the dictionary.

How do i get the norwegian dictionary in office (only word)?

Would be really grateful for your help.


Best Regards



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I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think Microsoft offers additional languages for free download. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though.


Microsoft sells an add-on for Office 2003, called the 'Office Proofing Tools 2003', which enables you to proof your documents in over 50 languages including Norwegian.


Amazon.co.uk is selling it for about 60 pounds here (I couldn't find a Norwegian supplier ;)).

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Thanks for the answer ross =)

But i think thats a bit unfair. shouldnt i be able to get whatever dictionarys id like.

After all i bought a license to use one copy not a license to use a language.

So if nobody else got a sulution ill consider Ross answer =)


Best Reagards

Eirik S

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