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WEP Open Key Encryption in Fedora Core 4

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Hello All,


I'm having trouble setting up WEP encryption on my US Robotics Wireless Network Card USR805416 in Fedora Core 4, and wondered whether I was missing any particular libraries that enabled this, or whether this functionality is not yet supported.


I've tested these drivers without WEP Encryption, and have not experienced any problems. However, I'd like to use the same encyrption standard as my Windows box, which uses a 256 bit WEP Open Key encryption. My router, a US Robotics model USR808054 supports this, as does the Windows XP drivers which are being used by DriverLoader.


I've entered the correct key into the Network settings dialogue box, but have found no option in Fedora to specify the key size, such as 40, 64, 128 etc.


I'm using the following versions of the drivers:


Fedora Core 4

Linuxant Driver Loader 2.28

US Robotics USR11G Driver from USR distribution 6.0b15


Only other point worth noting is that I have not rebuilt the kernel to support a 16K stack size; I'm using DriverLoader's workaround option at the moment.


Any help greatly appreciated,




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Interesting! I thought that FC4 no longer had a problem with the kernel stack size.


Anyway, see if KWiFiManager is installed (start-->Internet--> KWiFiManager). This will assist you in getting up the 256 bit WEP.

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Thanks for the recommendation; I'll check out KWiFiManager tonight.


As for the stack size, the latest USR drivers require 8Kb, and unless the workaround option is selected, DriverLoader wont register them. I have not applied any updates to the baselined FC4 kernel yet, so I don't know if a kernel rebuild is absolutely necessary ... though it probably is!

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