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Slow Foxpro app performance on Win2k server

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I suspect a big part of the problem is the application itself, but I was wondering if anybody here has a tip. When multiple users start using the database written in Foxpro (don't know what version), the app is horribly slow. I had recently updated the server to Symantec Corp AV 10.0. Thinking this was the cause, I reverted them back to version 9.0 but that made no difference. Yes, I have unchecked the Network box on the virus scanner. I googled around a bit, and found some info about locking:


I applied the registry fix to the server and workstations, but it did not help. Is there any way to increase the number of locks (like some command line) in Win2k Server?

The application is vital to this business, and a solution must be found. Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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