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Novell Networking Linux, and Schools - I have a project and I need help.

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Greetings again friends, I am once again in need of your help.


The high-school I used to attend has asked me to set up a linux based machine in the computer lab so that the students can have some exposure to a linux environment.


I want to awe the students so I grabbed a clear sided ATX case, blut cathode lights, AMD athlon Xp 2600 + with an nforce2 motherboard. 1 GB DDR smile Goodies galore - NVidia GeforeceFX 5800 Ultra, etc...


Its nice.


Ummm how can I get it into the network there? They use novell to login in windows - can I set it up so they can all use it with their own cuirrent logins? The server runs windows 2000. Or can I at least set it up to use the schools internet connection?


I don't know enough about it to have any idea how to approach the network end of this. Any suggestions?

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