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Soundblaster live 4830 oem(?) question...

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A friend of mine just bought a soundblaster live, ct4830 from a friend of his as his nvidia onboard sound keeps cutting out in the middle of games, Far Cry, Need for speed 2, etc.


He was told that this card supported 5.1 sound, which it does not seem to be showing. The only options the drivers we've installed (Which have been many) give us head phones, 2 speakers and 4 speakers.


So, simple question does this CT4830 support 5.1 or did his buddy rip him off?


If not, anyone know anything about nvidia onbourd sound cutting out?

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I am sure that the "live" indecates surround capability.


I have the same card and mine definatly has 5.1.


I am running the microsoft drivers but havnt tested surround since before upgrading to xp. Surround is definatly an option in "sound and audio device properties"


had a quick look for drivers. found this (havnt tested them yet).



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