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Using directories with password

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Hi AlL!

This is my first time here and with |Linux.

I have a question for you.

I have a network with 10 PC using Windows Home Edition , yes I know but there is :(, my problem is that I need create a server where all users has a personal folder with password but it must be accesible from windows. I think about SAMBA but I read that SAMBA cannot work like PDC with Home Edition. Just I need a way to have a folder with pass for each user and this user can access this folder everywhere in the network. Samba can do this?

Is there another app that can do it?

What about Apache and personal directoires?



Edwin Quijada

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We have HPUX's samba and we do exactly what you want.


in the smb.conf file find the share [homes] and put this lines in there. of course set it to your needs


valid users = user_name

invalid users = root bin daemon nobody named sys tty disk mem kmem users


and in the username.map file


unix_id = Windows ID

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