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Help needed in identifying USB driver in Win2KSP4

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I now use Win2K with SP4.


I've been having some problems trying to install a USB-based printer and a USB-based scanner. In particular, the scanner's driver refused to fully install and instead caused my machine to instantly re-boot when the Setup for it completed. The printer installed without difficulty, though.


I'm currently suspecting the USB 2.0 driver (OEM), which I installed from my motherboard's supplier's installation CD and which I installed AFTER I had installed SP4. If




is anything to go by, it's possible that the OEM USB driver has overwritten the USB driver and related fixes that were in SP4. But I can't be sure.


A USB 2.0 driver is definitely installed on my machine but its integrity might not be 100%. It shows in Device Manager as "SiS PCI-to_USB Enhanced Controller A0" and is v.5.1.2600.0. Apparently, it's called oem2.inf.


Is that the latest USB2.0 driver, though, as modified by SP4?


I've looked in C:\WINNT\inf\oem2.inf and it has the following properties:


Size: 7997 bytes (8192 bytes on disk)

Modified: 6/2/2002.


Can someone who successfully uses USB 2.0 with scanner and printer-type peripherals, with Win2KSP4, please check to see if their inf file matches this one, as it might tell me whether that OEM file has erroneously overwritten the SP4 version or not.


Under Win2KSP3, both device drivers installed without problem, so changing to SP4 has definitely been the trigger for this. (I usually install in the order 'Windows service pack, then USB 2.0 after').



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