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upgrading motherboard but i want to keep the OS

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i have and ancient compaq computer running a 486 dx2 processor, it has a operating system on it that is a combination of win 95, 2k, xp, red hat 9 and mac. this combination is modifyed to optimize performance of the memory and processor to allow me to have xp items under a small processor.

i would like to continue useing this system and it's utilities and that will require bios, video memory, and comos ports in the new motherboard

i have recently aquired some computers including a dell optiplex gx110 (which is a piece of junk and close to imposible to modify)a pentium 3, 4 and a xenon processor, lots of all types of ram and some old mother boards and several hard drives. i need a mother board that will hndle sound and recording well, has the ability to use upgrades, has 2 ide ports and that can have 5 cards of each of the two types in it(for recording inputs/outputs)

are there any good motherboards that have lots of utility slots, handle lots of cards and have many ports or would the easiest thing be to make one out of a piece of board and what i have? any suggestions will be helpful because i know little about new hardware mostly i've used stuff from 1992-95.

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