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Mandriva Linux LE2005 Network problem

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How can i make my network connection working in Mandriva Linux LE2005? I have tried to set connection to ADSL and protocol to pppoe, because my ISP use pppoe.


Some backround information about my connection and other stuff:


1. 5/5 Mbit/s, carry out by fibertechnology


2. computec has got 10/100 networkcard wich is made By SMC


3. i need pppoe to open my networkconnection


4. when i start the linux, i can see that linux starts my Networkcard(eth1) and ppp0- module.


5. So far i have tried to set connection to ADSL and protocol to pppoe with right username and password.


Please help me!






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Can you state a bit clearer what your configuration is?


The way I interpret you post is that your PC is connected by ethernet cable to an ADSL modem or router. If this is the case then configure your modem/router with the ppoe settings BUT configure Mandriva internet access to Ethernet access - Mandriva does not need to know about ppoe - only that eth1 is where to look for DNS etc. If your modem/router provides DHCP, then you can configure this in Mandriva as well.


Its only if your PC is connected by USB to an ADSL modem that you need to configure ppoe internet access within Mandriva.


Hope this helps.

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I'm from Italy and I have a pppoe ADSL connection too.

I configured my Mandriva Linux LE2005 with KDE and it works.

I can tell you how I made my configuration but I don't know if it will work for you...


I think you have to remove all network protocol you configured before, close session and rerun x server.




Menu -> System -> Configuration -> Configure your computer


Network and internet section, launch "configure new network interface"


Step 1: ADSL connection


step 2: normally it shows the ethernet interface, selected.


step 3: select your provider from the list; if not present, select "Not in list"


step 4: select PPP over ethernet (pppoe)


step 5: insert DNS servers of your provider (if you don't know them, I think they will be configured automatically when you connect first time, because a week ago when my provider changed them, I found them already changed in my configuration), user and password. Click on "advanced" and compile VPI and VCI as specified on your modem configuration; in my case, they are 8 and 23.


other steps: ask as you prefer.


Then you have to close session and restart x server.


In my case, i preferred not to start pppoe connection at startup.


I have netapplet (menu -> system -> monitor -> netapplet: then you choose to start netapplet at startup) on status bar, and i connect when I need.


For me it worked perfectly, and I didn't need to configure ethernet interface, it configured automatically. I hope I helped you.



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