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ADSL internet for suse 9.1 ???

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I was looking on the forum if someone is working on conection to

the internet from suse 9.1 OS. Nothing found. Pleas help me.



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How bout some more information?


Is this your first install of a Linux system? Did the modem seem to get setup during the installation?


Have you used yast to try and set up the modem?


Is your adsl modem connected directly via usb, or through a router?


What make and model adsl modem?

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My friend have maken the instalation; and he well be reacheable only next week.


I have trayeed YaST: netvork devices; but nothing.


I m conected on:


ADSL SimpleRouter Callisto821

ADSL2+ Router Callisto821+



1x 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface

DSL interface

Router functionality


DHCP Server, DHCP Relay

Network Address Translation (NAT)

Routing Information Protocol (RIP1 and RIP2)


IP Filter

Domain Name Service (DNS)

Protocol Blocking

QoS support – CoS parameter scheduling – version + only



I do not anderstund the last question.



I m traying to decide if make a projeckt with linux OS on a microcontroler. I m a student om Maribor(Slovenia) faculty of electrotechnics. (sory for my English). Eksaktly i would like to

drive and get informations from microcontroler (pic-for exsample);so i have to make grafic interface (like SCDA)and conect it on microcontroler.Does it exsist any program (like wisual basic) to make it in linux.?

I m intresed in linux because i need softwer for free. The idea for my project is to make work economic aplication with microcontroler with grafic control of situation and compare it with profesional PLC.

I would apreciate any help.



Conecting me on the internet is not my primari need; but i tought it would be best if i bruse on the internet with linux (because of viruses).






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I think that I understand about the router/modem for ADSL.


1x 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface


Is the ethernet card an ISA or PCI card?


Do you have any idea what brand and model ethernet (NIC) card is in the system?

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