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Asus A8N-SLI Delux and XFX 6800 GT

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Just bought the above two items along with some raptors/storage drives, and am having trouble with the 6800 GT.


The computer will boot and run fine under the default windows graphics driver, but if I install any nvidia graphics card drivers(Tried beta's/modded many different versions) the computer will boot to the windows loading screen, but when it tries to change the resolution(on the switch to the logon screen) the graphics card dies(signals to monitor stop), though the computer still loads into windows.


The only thing that evens strikes me as odd is that after installing the card with any driver, it shows it as a 'NVIDIA 6800 series GPU' rather than its specific type.


Things I've Tested:


-Powersupply is a 550w Truepower 2.0, theres no flux in any rails during sandra tests.

-No IRQ/Resource conflicts

-Monitor works

-No resolution or refresh rate works when nvidia drivers installed, can get it up to its max res without them installed @ whatever the default windows refresh rate is.

-Mobo Bios/system chipset drivers updated and various forcewave drivers tried.

-leaving only card/mobo/HD plugged into PSU leaves same problem.

-installed 3 different versions of windows, all do the same thing.



The fact that the machine boots at all makes me doubtful that its a hardware issue, but since I've tried nearly everything else Its looking more like that. Just figured I'd see if anyone had any other suggestions/seen the issue before I go through the hassle of exchanging the card.









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You have installed the motherboard's chipset drivers, right? (Just making sure, no offence meant) Also, try disabling all the onboard devices in the BIOS for the time being, except the ones that are essential to operating, such as your SATA controller. I find that, more often than not, the main problem is the onboard hardware hogging all the essential resources, and Windows often will not see this as a problem. Give it a try if you haven't already.

Good luck.


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