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Kmail and Thunderbird Won't Display Graphics

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Kmail and Thunderbird often do not display inline graphics or

graphics as attachments. And they often do not forward them or

include them in a reply. I have set their options to display

html and to display graphics inline. Never had this problem

with Outlook Express before switching to SimplyMepis Linux.


Is there a way to fix this problem, or is there a KDE emai

client which will display all graphics properly.



Lee Lynn

Cheyenne, WY, USA


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Kmail and Thunderbird should both display inline graphics in your email if sent as attachment.


I use Mepis and Thunderbird and never had this problem.

-Have you made sure Thunderbird is upgraded to the latest version?

-How are you forwarding your emails or messages, as atachments or inline?

-How about sending messages as plain text or html, try send as plain and html at the same time.



Have you tried evolution? This email client is similar to outlook, but I'm sure tht the problem that youre having has to do with something with your settings to be able to display graphics in your emails. Maybe it is blocking the images by default.

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