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Fedora Core 3 on Vmware 5: Installing Vmtools?

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I've been having problems with FC3 and VMtools.


I installed FC3 fine and everything works. But it's very slow and stuck in 800x600, so Vmtools is needed to help.


The first time I hit Install VMtools, it was in the CD drive, and I hit the RPM file to install it. But nothing happened, the bottom message bar still told me to intsall it.


Now, when I try it, the VMtools won't even work, the desktop icon always says CD/DVD, no CD works.


Could someone please help me out? Thanks. smile

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First, umount the CD and turn off the 'install VM Tools' mode for that VM.


I expect you'll need to restart Fedora (run "shutdown -h now" as root)

in the VM.


Reboot your system (the host OS not the guest).


Next, restart the Fedora VM.


Once restarted, turn the install VM Tools mode back on and mount

the 'CD drive' (it's virtual). If the rpm on the 'CD' gives you any trouble,

then just use the src tar instead.


don't forget to umount and turn the VM Tools mode back off.


good luck!



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I'm running Fedora 3 (guest) on Windows XP (host) using VMWare 5.


I installed the tar.gz file within a terminal under X. Surprisingly, it installed properly (note: it wouldn't allow me to do this in VMWare 4.5.2).


I then "ejected" the virtual CDROM containing VMWare Tools and turned OFF the VM install in the upper menu. Rebooted.


Sure enough, when Fedora 3 rebooted, the VMWare Tools kicked in.


Also, my networking wouldn't work under Bridged, but works fine under NAT. Configure NAT before starting up the guest OS.

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Just an update on my previous post:


The bridging option probably didn't work because I have two network cards, and they were already bridged under Windows.


Also, I had to install vmware tools again after up[censored] my kernel.

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