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VIA Hyperion Drivers

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I'm posting this here instead of the VIAARENA forums because you guys here are like family and I trust your input.


I have upgraded to a k8t890 PCI-E mobo. The lates drivers from VIA are for AGP boards and the latest 4.56s were a minor fix for AGP systems. Does anyone know or has anyone heard when a new Hyperion will be available for PCI-Express specific systems?


I feel that I'm running yesterdays drivers on tomorrows hardware and it concerns me.





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The latest 4-in-1 service pack does support the newer K8 chipsets including yours.


As for thinking you're running older drivers that do not properly support PCIe, well, I don't really have an answer for you there, I think perhaps that it's a misunderstanding of how PCIe works over AGP, as pertiaining to how the chipset/inf drivers work that is.


I bet that the AGP driver is a dual-function driver now, when the inf drivers get installed and the correct reg entries to ID the chipset and such are there then the AGP driver works as the bridge to either the AGP or the PCIe x16 graphics ports.


I could be wrond about this so if anybody has any technical info on this I would also like to know wink

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