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How Can I Fix My Call Of Duty (HELP)

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I have COD, I have 1.5b path and PB.I have a cuple of problems

1) When i start my COD and i check my cd key it is not there. I have to enter it everytime i start COD, And if i don't put it i can only play on servers that don't run PB. Otherwise i get an error everytime saing "Server for low-ping players only". Why does it lose my key?


2)I get an error on PB servers saing "Tool 5 miss-match". It doesent happen as often as before but it still happens. How can i fix it?


3)When i want to start my own COD server i get an error message saing " Script Compile Error (See Console for Details)" What can i do to solve this problem? And where can i get Mods for COD servers??


-My e-mail is: Chuckyx12@aol.com

-My Xfire is: Chuckyx12

Please help me, i love plaing COD but it doesent work propably.

Send me an email or talk to me on Xfire!

Thank You


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