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Jay in PA

Please help with Suse 8.2 Pro mounting a second hard drive module

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I have a Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop P3, 512 MB Memory.

Primary Hard Drive Triple Boot:win 98, Win XP, Suse 8.2 Pro


I also have a second hard drive module (40 GB formatted in FAT 32 and filled with data) that slides in one of the battery slots. The second hard drive and all the files are accessible in Win 98 and XP but not in Suse.

My problem is in Suse 8.2. I can't seem to access this hard drive. It is not listed under the Disc Usage-KDiskFree. However, it does show up in both the Partitioner in Control Center and is listed under Hardware info in YaST2.

It is listed as /dev/hdb/


It seems to me the only thing I have to do is mount this drive somehow to access the data in Suse. I tried everything short of reformatting this drive under the Expert Partitioner. I must have overlooked a simple thing.


Can anybody tell me what I can do to acces this second hard drive module and all the files on the drive with Suse. Thanks in advance.

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