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properties window slow to appear

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I got a P4 3.0 Ghz and 512 Mb ram so thats not the problem.

Since a few days the properties window is very slow to appear (30 sec at least) I ran avg , norton , ad-aware, spybot and it's still damn slow. The last thing I installed is iTunes.


Any idea on whats wrong ?



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You mean file's properties window?


Try this:




Look up NIRSOFT online, & here too... they have a program that will vector thru ALL of the .DLL based GUIDS & Shell + Directory right-clicks in the registry and allow you to remove, repair, reset, & just in general?


View & FIX them!


The program to use that fixes these types of hassles is called:










* The technique used to fix it? Let it run, & find ALL of the rightclicks Explorer.exe shell extensions & then once it does? DEACTIVATE THEM!


(That's right, ALL of them wholesale... & then? Reactivate them again by checking their checkboxes once more, except for this new faulty one!)


Apparently, the program automated using regsvr32.exe (or just used Win32 API calls directly) for registering/unregistering OLEServer & other std. DLL's used in shell extensions via this program, automating what is ordinarily a DRUDGERY to do manually following GUIDS all over the registry! I don't believe a reboot will be required either, since this is simply GUID registrations/creations with Explorer.exe Shell, their broker via the registry.


When I saw this program? I was like "Man! Why didn't I think of that & design it?"


(Probably because I don't design .DLL based right-click shell extensions is why... )




P.S.=> This "FIX" has worked here for several folks here in the past 2-3 months already in jams like yours... if you search NirSoft in the search engine, you will see what I mean!


Hope this works, it should as it has a good "fix" trackrecord, & consider it tit-for-tat, payback - what goes around, eventually comes around, eh? apk

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This is a real long shot but there was a bug with right-clicking in Internet Explorer and the context menu taking a while to appear.


It might be worth Googling for something like "context" and "Norton".


I think the bug was with McAfee and involved a small registry change. You just never know there might be a similar one for your antivirus and this particular menu.



I decided to Google myself and found this:



Also try searching this:





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Ok I tried everything you suggested and nothing worked :S

And I got more problem : I can't use debug mode with Visual Studio .NET 2003. every time I try it I got a message like this :

Unable to start debugging

Unable to start program c:/(bla bla bla)...


Anyways I'll format my comp I think it's the best thing to do now.

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