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Critical Update for IE6 SP1 (KB831167)

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Did anyone of you guys encountered the recurring "Ready to Install" notification of IE6 SP1 KB831167 patch even if I already patched it for a couple of times? Everytime I patched this update, I see to it to rebbot my PC to complete the installation.


This Automatic Update is confiugre on my local SUS server.


Please help. thanks..






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I got an answer below from a very reliable source.


This issue may occur because of corrupt contents of WUTemp folder or the present

version of MDAC installed in your system is not upgraded. There are few basic

things I would like to do to 'clean' your system off and see if that resolves your



First of all please change your folder options to show all files.


1. Click Start, then click Settings, and then click Folder Options.

2. Click the Tools tab. Under Hidden files and folders, click "Show hidden files

and folders."

3. Click OK to save these settings.


Let’s clear out the temporary storage locations.


1. Click on Start, then settings and then click on Control Panel. Double-click on

Internet Options

2. On the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click on Delete

Files. Check the box to 'Delete all Offline Content' and click OK.

3. Close the Internet Options window.


Next, we need to clear out the Windows Update folder.


1. Double click on My Computer from the Desktop.

2. Open the C drive

3. Open the Program Files folder

4. Open the WindowsUpdate folder

5. Open the V4 folder and delete everything in it except for the iuhist.xml file

6. Delete everything you find in this folder, including subfolders.

7. Close this window


Next, we need to check the WUTemp folder.


1. Click Start, then click Search, and then click For Files or Folders.

2. Type “WUtemp” without the quotation marks

3. Make sure that the Look In option indicates “Local Hard Drives”.

4. Click the Search button

5. When the search is complete, delete all copies of the WUTemp folder.


Then install the KB831167 update from the link given:





(You can also view the details of the this update and why this is offered on this

web page)


After installing the update, restart the system and go to Windows update site and

see KB831167 is still reoffered.


If the issue persists, I would request you to provided a copy of Windows Update.log

file to research further on your issue and to provide you cutting edge solution to

resolve it.


For assistance in finding the windows update log file please follow the steps



1. Click on Start.

2. Select Run

3. Type “windows update.log” With Quotes

4. In the windows update log window, Click File and select save as.

5. Save the file on to your desktop.

6. Send that file as an attachment to XXXXX in a NEW

email. Do not click reply to this message, compose a NEW e-mail or your attachments

will be lost.


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