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Via VT8237 RAID With Mandrake or SUSE

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I'd like to set up a pair of Maxtor 80G SATA hard drives in a RAID 0 array on my MSIKT6V motherboard. For RAID, the motherboard uses the VIA VT8237. My processor is an AMD XP3000+ and I'm using 512M of RAM.


Currently, with a single hard drive, I'm using Mandrake PowerPack 10.1. I'm considering switching to SUSE Professional 9.2 or maybe the new 9.3. However, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the VT8237 RAID with either the Mandrake or SUSE software I'm considering. I don't want to set up the hard drives, then try to install Mandrake or SUSE, only to find that I can't install it in the RAID array, using the VT8237.


If I'm going to encounter problems, I'd rather wait until I change my motherboard and processor over to an AMD64 bit system and try to get a compatible RAID setup.


Any help would be appreciated!



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