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Trying to Update Firefox in Mandrake Linux

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I think I posted this one to the wrong forum, under Security, so will repost here.


When I installed Mandrake 10.1 PowerPack, through Software Package Installation in RPM Drake, I installed Firefox, which was included, but was an old pre-release version. Now, I downloaded the Firefox RPM for Firefox V1.0.2. I thought the RPM version would be the easiest to install. When I installed the new RPM, I was asked to enter the Root Password, which I did and Firefox V1.0.2 installed just fine. However, when I click on Firefox in Applications or on the desktop icon I have for Firefox, the old pre-release version opens. I went to /usr/bin/ and found an icon for Firefox. Clicking on this (it was marked SH on the icon in /usr/bin/) the new Firefox V1.0.2 opens perfectly. I cannot, however, change the icon to the standard Firefox icon, since it is in Root permissions.


So, here is my problem. It seems I now have the old Firefox and the new Firefox, both installed. Also, I don't know how to get the new Firefox into the Application List, or to change to the regular Firefox Icon.


I hope someone can help me here....and you'll have to explain as simply as possible, as I'm still trying to learn Linux. Any help would sure be appreciated! If I can get this one worked out, I think I can comfortably work with the RPM installs now!




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