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When using MN-520 wifi on inspiron 8000, system process goes to 100% for no reas

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ok I have tried this with winxp sp2 and win2k pro sp4. I have a microsoft MN-520 wifi card in my laptop. When im on my wifi network or the one at the coffee shop i frequent out if the blue the mouse and sound start skipping and i notice that the cpu is stuck at 100% (namely the "system" process is). Only solution is to take out the wifi card and reboot. If I take it out and put back in the connection will reestablish and cpu will go to 100% again. I think the microsoft broadband networking util that I installed to install the mn-520 is the culprit because if I uninstall it the problem seems to go away however if i uninstall that I am kinda flying wifi blind. any ideas?



lappy specs:

p3 1ghz

512 megs ram

30 gig hd

gf2 go 32 meg


wifi MN-520

15" uxga

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