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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. MY pC an ATHLON 800mhz unit with 256 sdram memory and 40gig hd

I am a real newbee idiot to the world of LINUX. I have gone the route of aquiring a so called supported and idiot proof distro from Novell. SUSE 9.2.

I have fitted internally the above PCI modem which Suse has recognise and loaded a driver for.I have configured it to my ISP in UK with pppoa and VPI 0 and VCI 38 (ISP sys it requires vcmux/null type framing...whatever) put in the 2 ONETEL(ISP) DNS servers and chosen dynamically assigned IP adress.

I canot get KONQUORER BROWSER and Kinternet to use this as the communication interface.

It lists that it is using the dialup modem also fitted which dont work.An Intel 536 Data fax Modem(suse also loaded that driver)cant config it.Thats another issue


The one time thatKinternet i did use the DSL interface it came up as a problem with both smpppd which connected and then diconnected and pppd(0) which died : pppd options error (exit code 2) Suse Meta pppd (smpppd-ifcfg) Version 1.50 is used on this SUSE distro.

In short Novel wont help because its not a serial modem.Not covered by service agreement.FAT load of help.Wont even tell me a brand of modem that does work.

Been now referd to the experts here.

Please I am desparate to use this on the internet can anyone help or recomend me a brand of serial modem I can buy that will plug and play and let me surf.

Thanks Jameel

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Does your ISP provide an external adsl modem? If so, I'd go from their external adsl modem to a Linksys or Netgear router to a network interface card (pci) in your computer. Or is the modem you presently have provided by the ISP? I'm using adsl through a Linksys router right now and have no problems.

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