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Putting Kde 3.4 on a externeal hardrive

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Can you be a little more specific? Do you just want to store the packages for KDE 3.4 on the drive, or install KDE 3.4 on a distro already installed on the drive?


What distro and version are you using?

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(2nd attempt: Somehow pressed return and the form was gone; so if this post appears twice, I apologize in advance).


howdy cheetahman,


you can install KDE to wahtever directory you want. This also includes folders on external drives. Prerequisite is of course that you have a fixed mount point for the KDE dir on the external drive. I suggest a preocedure as follows ...


1) Install KDE to fixed hard disk

KDE will likely go into "/opt/kde" or somewhere underneath "/usr" (distro dependant) and see if everything is running smoothly.


2) Leave X and go to console (also make yourself "root") and copy the complete KDE folder to your external drive

(e.g. "mv /opt/kde /mnt/myexternaldrive_kde_dir")


3) Create a sym-link to the folder on your external drive

("ln -s /mnt/myexternaldrive_kde_dir /opt/kde")




This way the link redirects everything to the external harddrive and KDE still thinks it has set up camp in "/opt/kde"


You can also skip the symbolic link. In this case you would have to adjust the evironment vars "KDEDIR" and "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" to tell KDE where its home is.


hope this helps

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Just checked the KDE site and they have a nice explanation of things (except the question "How many stars are in the sky?" smile here ...




Chapters 4.9 and 4.13 repsectively address your issue.

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