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it just wont load

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#1 imm



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Posted 22 March 2005 - 04:28 AM

hello all im new very new to linux and i dont know anything but willing to learn i installed ubuno (something like that)and it didnt work right wouldnt load startx failed so i got back on xp and dled mandrake 3 cds burn the iso great install went smooth until the graphic test i cant see an image so i read some more docs and found to switch pnp to manual in bios did that reinstalled mandrake 3 cds still no grphics

the problem is i can skip (click next) finish install reboot then it wont load linux the top option off 3 linux linuxXXX (xxx dont remember what they where) and failsafe then i reinstalled again and messed with ever single graphic type found that venna )the one above vga will load me an image in test mode so i click next finished install and then still wont load gets about half way maybe not that far even and it stops ?i cant figure out why i tried many different bios setting none of which works

i am running a avis av8 board 939 k8 chipset amd64 3000+ 1 gig ram 2700 ddr (dont know if they dual but my system runs fast under xp and even faster under wow64xp) wd 80 gig harddrive bfg nvidia 6800gt oc (i think this is my problems as i dont have divers for it and linux wont boot so i can get em (i have no idea what im doing but i want to learn))

sry to make long post but i dont want to waste anyones time to tell me to do something i tried already i also tried using
graphic = nvidia 6800 generic
moniter = kds vs 195xp was in list and is exact name as mine
also used generic
display = 800X600 used from 640 all the way up 1240 and also
option 8bit 15bit 16bit 24 bit
test = nothing (ee)no device detected

used vga as graphic and got a real fuzzy screen
used the one above it got to where i could selete yes did that but still wont laod linux
what am i doing wrong will my machine not use it or how can i instal nvidia drivers when i only have 2 cd drives i have no floppy am i screwed or can anyone help me

p.s. thank you for reading my story and thxs in advance for any help whether it may work or not i will try just about anything to get my system running (or should i stay windows)

#2 AdamH



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Posted 23 March 2005 - 03:22 AM

Try a live CD such as Knoppix 3.7 as it is very good on hardware detection - see if that successfully uses drivers you had not considered.
Have a look on the Nvidia site for any workrounds.
Good luck.

#3 LinuxCrusader



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Posted 23 March 2005 - 08:53 AM

Try also Mepis as it comes very well equiped with essntial tools that and OS should bring. It comes with a live CD as well.

#4 Jerry Atrik

Jerry Atrik


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Posted 23 March 2005 - 04:41 PM

i have a dual xeon, quadro pro, and scsi raid...
mepis, knoppix and mandrake 10.1 installed and detected everything out of the box. the nvidia drivers are a snap to install on mandrake. (not automatic like windows though)
mandrake has an auto update type feature and a super easy way to fix those pesky dependency problems with a single command line.

#5 imm



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Posted 24 March 2005 - 04:33 AM

hello guys thxs for the help i am d/l mepis now knoppix just could find a good mirror so i canceled it 10k just takes too long mepis is going to take and hour at 187 but whats the deal i downloaded mandrake 10.1 at a high rate of speed 600k only took 30 for all 3 cds owell guess different place dont wanna let u get done quick hope this installs btw i read a book on linux and glanced the topic and they had a section for xwindow problem i was happy turn to the page and it says IF YOU HAVE XWINDOW LOADING PROBLEM REFER TO A FORUM what a waste of a book can anyone tell me if my system will be faster on linux then on windows if not i hope it installs and ill find out for myself smile

#6 imm



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Posted 24 March 2005 - 05:05 AM

ok kinda dumb to ask now only 20 minutes left to download i downloaded simplymepis-2004.04.iso ok i been browsing different linux distro and umm how do i know if i downloaded the right one like i586 whats that mean does it matter do i need a certian verson because i have a 64 bit processor and also im thinking of joining mandrake club for the 6 cd things dont know if i need em but they have help is this a good way to go if i cant get linux to run from my machine how do i know if i will like it i dont mean to bother you guys sry doh download from server just reset lost it all gotta redo it if you can post which verson would be good for me i would be real happy

#7 LinuxCrusader



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Posted 25 March 2005 - 07:11 AM

I don't think we can tell for sure if your system is going to be faster than on Windows. From my experience I run Maya and Netbeans and it is lightning fast loading up in Linux than in Windows. Not sure why...but Maya takes a while for it load up in the same box but under windows.

i386, i686, i586 are refering to your system architecture. I've been lazy to find out what's the real difference because I remember installing and recompiling linux kernels under fedora for i386, but then I run Mepis and Mandrake for i586. Maybe one of these days I'll take the take time to research and find out the reald deal with this.

Let us know how your installation went.


#8 danleff


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Posted 25 March 2005 - 11:13 AM

A quick way to look at this is backwards compatibility. i386 should run on anything that is a 486 system (Pentium 1, or AMD K-5) or older, as long as the speed of the CPU and RAM meets the basic reqirements for the distro. The i586 and i686 should run well (is optimized for) Pentium 3 or 4, or AMD XP or newer chipsets. CPU speed and the amount or RAM in the system are the most important factors.

Some distros are coming out with versions that run on 64 bit systems, which would be preferable, if they have one.

Not all distros use the designations and have just i386 listed. Some don't at all and the assumption is if they are the latest releases, they will run on the newer processors that are out fine.

One could build their own kernel within the distro to optimize it for their specific CPU, but that is another natter.

Another assumption that is made, is that the newer the processor in the system, it is expected that the ram is sufficient for the version to run properly. but this is really a bit of an assumption.

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