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Having a little Trouble!

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My computer is running slow, slow, slow, all of a sudden! Is it possible to have gotten a virus, and or spyware? I am running FC3 on my machine. Also, I get a message when I log in:

"Could not look up internet address for This will prevent GNOME from operating correctly. It may be possible to correct the problem by adding to the file /etc/hosts" .

How do I resolve this problem? How do I add to /etc/hosts ?

Please give me detailed instructions, as I am still Linux illiterate :-)





After I posted this, my computer would hardly connect to anything on the internet. I tried rebooting, and that didn't help. It is still really slow, and takes forever to link to anything. I got frustrated and put in a "Puppy" live cd, and that is what I made my connection with to edit this post. The "Puppy" live cd has worked normally and reasonably quick (connecting to web addresses), which leads me to believe that the problem is in FC3 some how. Justbill

[Edited by justbill on 2005-03-20 21:55:20]


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Runing as webserver with webmin and virtualmin gpl


here is computer info


Motherboard k8mm-v

CPU Athlon 64: 2800+

Memory 2gb

harddrive 2x250gb



Installed fedora 5 and then install other software like webmin and virtualmin


it was working ok


but i guess after some update it became really slow


got stuck on one application then reboot the system


then i cannot log on as root


saying root is not allowed


so i have use as rgular user but at this point


it was taking for ever and starting message bus we taking very long


i am not genious so i need your help to solve why this fedora is slow . I use fedora 4 was really happy but this driving me nuts can any one help me.


how to solve i think some thing to do with bug or configrations



can you help me









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This machine is only a web server? In this case you should consider to switch to CentOS 4.4. CentOS is a recompile of the Redhat Enterprise Linux sources, which based on Fedora Core. The main differences between Fedora Core and Enterprise Linux is that Fedora Core is always getting the latest packages while Enterprise Linux is more optimized for stability.

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