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I don't know how to instal amarok in simply mepis 3.3

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Hi all

I recently installed Simply Mepis 3.3 and found out that it doesn't have amarok, probably the best equivalent of iTunes. I live in England so I found in the magazine Linux Format a version of amarok. Unforunately I am really new to the whole area of linux so I would like some serious help if possible with spesific ways of installing amarok...




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What is the exact name of the package of amaroK that you have? Is it something like amarok-1.2.1.tar.bz2? Or does it have a .deb extension?


Anyway, amaroK is included as an installable package in Mepis.


Mepis has Synaptic, which is the easiest for some.


However, I suggest the following;


1. Get to a terminal window and get to root user. (Once at a terminal window, type su hit the enter key, then put in your root password (hit the enter key).


2. Once there, type in apt-get update (hit the enter key).


3. Once the package list is updated and the prompt re-appears, type in apt-get install amaroK. Note the capital "K" not amarok! This may take a while. You will see a percent progress bar as it installs packages and dependencies.


Apt-get is a package (program) installer that should take care of any other dependency needs that amoraK should have.


amaroK should be installed. Find it under start-->Multimedia.


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