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I personally wouldn't recommend Linspire. What makes it so attractive is it's similarities to Windows. Unfortunately, it shares more than looks with Windows. Linspire has been made for "ease-of-use" so many slack security rules found in Windows will be found in Linspire as well, such as the "every account is an admin account rule".

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I respectfully disagree with iamroot. I have used Linspire since the start. The claims of some hardcore Linux users about security issues has not shown to be true. Linspire is based on Debian and just is as secure as Debian. The issue is that the primary account is run as root user, which some cringe at. But. all accounts that you set up are as secure as you would like, just as with Debian. Take a look at this thread.


Ease of use has been the claim of Linspire. It seems that the more you make a distro easy to use, the more people compare it to Windows. Unfortunately, then folks seem to claim that security is an issue. Since Windows has targeted Linspire in several lawsuits, with Windows trying to block the release of Linspire in several countries, tells you something about how viable the distro is.


For the new user, Linspire, as well as other distros, can be a good start. Take a look at the Linspire forums and see what others are saying. I assure you, you will get varied opinions. Look at what the seasoned users are saying, as well as the new users. But, since you already bought Linspire, give it a try and see for yourself. Let us know what you think.


I just did a review of the new beta version, which also has a link to an older article that I wrote. Yes, I have written several articles on various flavors of Linux, as well. My recent favorite is SimplyMEPIS 3.3, also based on Debian.


Linspire Beta review.


SimplyMEPIS review.


Of course, you can look at the news page on this site to find other reviews, as well.

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