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Suse 9.1

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Hi, wonder if anyone can help me pleeeeeease?


I bought suse 9.1 because the download takes too long, but the disk doesn't come with an installer x) just a load of files that i can't open.


Any idea how to install or get an installer?




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there is no "installer" for installing new systems, its called a boot disk. In other words, when you stick it in your computer and restart it will auto detect the cd and load up the installation. First you must make sure you have your BIOS configured to have your CD drive to boot before you hard drive.


How to change BIOS:

when your computer is turning on, it will flash a screen before it starts loading windows (commonly it will be the name of your computer brand, for instance, mine says "Compaq")

now most common key to enter bios is the F10 key, press it when that screen is up and it will take you in. now just find the boot order and change it so the cd rom boots before your hard drive. now your cd will boot before the hard drive, allowing your installation of linux.


have fun smile


also i suggest you read this first


and perhaps print it out incase you run into any snags during instal (its 86 pages though, if you dont wanna do that, i suggest you have another computer nearby you can access the internet on while installing so you can check it) also you said you bought it? it might come with the install guide in there too, check, read, belive me, linux is not something you can just install without reading many guides of how to do it all.

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