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building a workstation - compatibility question

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I am new to the world of building a PC. I've got $10,000 saved up and need to build an ultra high end video editing workstation.


After much mental debate I decided on the Tyan Thunder K8WE as my motherboard because I want to set up a dual CPU and dual GPU rig.

My question is: can that tyan EATX fit into an ATX case. I'd like the case to be eleagant and I see a lot of plain looking EATX cases. I was thinking of the MGE Quantum case, especially.


I don't know much about PC building, but I've got a friend who is going to help me put it together, but I'm buying all the parts and don't want to mess something up.


These are what I would like for final main component specs... is it all possible?


Dual AMD Opteron 252 2.6 GHz

Tyan Thunder K8We MOBO

4 GB Memory (8x512MB modules)

4 Western Digital Raptors in a RAID 5 Array

2 Hitachi Desktar 400GB SATA in a RAID 0 Array

Dual Nvidia Quadro FX 3400 GPU

Dual Monitor Display 23'



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