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copyting bookmarks from firefox in Windows to firefox in GNU/Linux

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I've never done it, but I'm sure it's possible. Is your Windows and Linux on the same HD?


My Windows is on hda1 which is mounted in /mnt as hda1. So for instance as root I'd go get the Firefox file in Windows and copy it to my home directory thusly...


dapper@dan# cd /mnt/hda1/Program\ Files/Mozilla\ Firefox/defaults/profile/


List profile's contents to make sure it's there...


dapper@dan# lsbookmarks.html  chrome  extensions  localstore.rdf  mimeTypes.rdf  prefs.js  search.rdf


Then, copy the Windows/Firefox/bookmarks file to my home folder...


dapper@dan# cp bookmarks.html /home/dapper


After it is copied to my home folder, I'd use the Firefox importer to "install" it.


Open Firefox, go to "Bookmarks" - "Manage bookmarks" - file - import - imort from file. Then make you way to the bookmarks.html file you just copied to your home folder.


I can't see any reason this wouldn't work. If you need further help, let me know...

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