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gigabit data transfer with GA311 mandrake 10.1 - 9.0

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Hi im hoping someone can help me out.

I have installed an additional GA311 network card in my mail server and backup mail server. The idea is to speed up the rsync that runs over night to sync /var/spool/imap on both.


The mail server is mandrake 9.0 and the backup server is mandrake 10.1. I have installed rtl8169_8110S_linuxdrv on each machine.

and set the cards up with ip addresses


Now i can transmit data but it is only at a comparible speed to a standard card.


I have tried to lock the speed at 1000Mbs using the

insmod r8169 media = 0x10 command contained in the driver readme file. however when run on the 10.1 box i get the error


insmod: can't read 'r8169': No such file or directory


and when run on the 9.0 box i get the error


Using /lib/modules/2.4.19-16mdk/kernel/drivers/net/r8169.o

insmod: a module named r8169 already exists


If anyone has any pointers i would be grateful.


Thanks Shaun

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I believe you should add your special module parameter 'media=0x10'

to the r8169 line in /etc/modprobe.conf to cause it to always be passed

to the r8169 kernel module.


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hi martouf

thanks for your suggestion. i followed and now both cards are forced set at 1000Mbs. But still when i do an scp between boxes using these cards i only get about 10MBs??

any ideas as to what could be wrong? im just using a standard cable not a crossover could that be the problem?


anyway thanks again for your time.

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Hi willisbruce,


GBit over copper spec demands CAT-6 cables. I don't know what distance you are covering, but CAT-6 cables are available off the shelf in various lengths.


When you run over plain CAT-5 the spec calls for the interface to fall back to 100 Mbps.




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