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Fedora Core 3 on Toshiba Satellite 1900-101

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new to Linux, I want to install it on my laptop, a Toshiba Satellite 1900-101.


Hardware under:




can anyone tell how compatible my hardware is with Fedora CORE 3?


I really want to leave windows (ja! I feel like Im getting a divorce, for good!!) but Im still a little afraid it will be painful =/


If I need any extra drivers, I would like to download them in advance.


Besides, I use an external TDSL Modem (I dont have the model with me) and an external keyboard/mouse (although, those are not a big deal).


Any good or bad news are really welcome.


Any email private email to yarayara@gmx.de






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Just to get you started, look at this article.


Since you are not using the modem, which would be an issue, this is good.


The other question is do you have a full Windows XP install disk as a backup, or is Windows pre-installed with no XP disk provided to you?


For general links to Linux on laptops, see this link.


Is the DSL modem hooked up via USB? If so, we need the make and model.

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everything went ok. I get rid off my windows and install Linux Fedora Core 3; except that I cant make the display work @ 1024x768, but lower.


I was happy that I could go online, that the sound work ok, etc...


What driver do i need now??

I couldnt find anything for the ATI MOBILITY RADEON.

There was nothing on the Toshiba list either.


Any help is welcome!




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Well, just in case any newbee like myself has a similar problem with the video display, i just change the monitor configuration to a 1024x768 generic LCD display and it work out.



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