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Newbie Linux Distro Question

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ok I dual booting Winxp and Xandros Desktop 3.0 Deluxe right now and I have to say for for my first real fling into Linux I really like the look and feel of Xandros 3, install was a breeze and it seems to be very stable so far. I was searching around the web and saw the webpage on Yoper. That one looks really nice also, Has anyone used it and how friendly is it to XP users? Im sure it doesnt come with all the bells and whistles that Xandros 3 deluxe does but i have the beginning of a little linux bug now LOL. If onlu I could get some of my older games to run under Xandros. (still trying to figure out how to install updated Nvidia drivers for my GF2 Go 32 meg on my lappy.)

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greetings pr-man


concerning Yoper: I came across Yoper a couple of months ago and it still is the distro of my choice - as far as workstation configs are concerned (Debian/Mepis for servers). Indeed the distro sheds much light, especially in terms of speed. In fact it is truly the fastest Linux flavor I've worked with so far. But also compiling apps from out of the tarballs works nicely and the system seems to be pretty compatible over all (no issues with the ASUS A7N8X mobo, GF6800gt etc.). Installation is pretty easy (compared to Gentoo e.g.) and the X-setup even comes with a graphical interface (SAX) where you can choose the right settings for your monitor/gfx-card display.


But where there is much light there also have to be some shadows: The packages provided by the yoper-servers occasionally come in rather odd conditions or version. E.g. Apache came only in the 2.0.x version with no PHP-includes, even if I did install the only PHP that was available (PHP5). A few other packages just miraculously died upon installation. Package management and software-installation solidness are in fact the two major issues.


Still though: if you have some Linux routine and the necessary spare time, Yoper is the distro that can be adjusted to top-notch performance the easiest (also comapred to gentoo). As it goes for stability: no probs here either. Currently I'm running KDE, Firefox, Postgres 7.4.x, Apache 1.3/SSL (from tar), PHP 4.3.x (from tar), OpenOffice (V1.3), GIMP 2.2 (from tar), Scribus, Eclipse 3.0/3.1, KDevelop, jEdit 4.2 based upon JRE-SDK 5.0 and various other apps without the slightest problems.


So my advice would be: Definitely worth a try (if you're a seasoned Linux-o-holic)



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