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Xandros Desktop 3.0 Deluxe: Perfect Distro for Xp user IMHO

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I am brand new to Linux and I have been looking around at the various distros. A friend of mine had a new copy of Xandros Desktop 3.0 Deluxe so I decided to try that on my laptop. Install was a breeze and it even auto resized my NTFS XP partition so I could dual boot Xp and Xandros. Xandros has the 2.6.9 Kernel and built in VPN, NTFS support (i could see and manipulate anything on my XP partition with ease from the start). Built in Crossover office, dvd burning, cd burning, firefox, thunderbird. Alot of it looks and works like windows which was cool. I just got back from the coffee shot where I was testing out my wifi card with it. Only problem I had was the monitor comes up as super vga 1600x1200 but everytime I try to change it to laptop LCD 1600x1200 it reverts back to super vga. also it says 1600x1200 but its really running at 1024x768. I wonder if its a limitation to the built in Geforce 2 Go driver? Maybe someone can point me to a better driver?




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