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Modem Driver Download/Installation - 82801CA/CAM AC '97

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I have recently installed Fedora Core 3 onto my Dell c540/c640 Latitude laptop.


It has an Intel Corp. 82801CA/CAM AC’97 Modem Controller (rev 2)


(according to /sbin/lspci anyway!)


The Fedora installation did not appear to pick up the drivers for my modem. Where can I get them from AND how do I install them?


I have been a user of Linux for many years however never had to do any of the admin myself – I had very kind and useful colleagues who did most of it for me. I am now stuck as am at home alone with no-one to call… Please help!


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I believe that the modem is a PCTEL modem, which is designed to run in Windows, a so called "winmodem." These are a bear to get going. There is a slm driver for it, but I emember another post on this. Folks had varied results with it, especially on the 2.6 series kernel, such as the one that Fedora uses.


Intel is the controller type/interface, not the modem.


I would enlist the help of you Linux colleagues to help with this, especially if you are not adept at installing such packages (drivers). It is not an easy task for those not used to tackling this problem.


The other option is to get an external serial modem, most of which work fairly well with Linux in general. These modems do have the hardware chip onboard, rather than relying on the motherboard/cpu to do the work of the hardware chip.


This is a common problem in many laptops that have these inexpensive modems. A real hassle for Linux users.

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