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Linux Installation

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hi guys,


i am kinda new to linux, and i want to install linux to my pc. but i couldn't figure out which one to choose. there is a link from my school's site that direct me to the downloadable site, and i found like 4 types of linux.exe (x86, ia64, x86_64 and pSeries/iSeries).

this is what it says on the site:


Download Red Hat Products


Red Hat Enterprise Linux v. 3


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation

x86 Itanium (ia64) AMD64/EM64T (x86_64)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Enterprise Server

x86 Itanium (ia64) AMD64/EM64T (x86_64)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server

x86 Itanium (ia64) AMD64/EM64T (x86_64) pSeries/iSeries (ppc)

Red Hat Desktop

x86 AMD64/EM64T (x86_64)



and there is also a Beta version linux 4.


can you guys tell me which files to choose from? i will install linux to my 2 dekstop, one desktop will be acting as a server and the other one is a workstation.


thank you for your help.


have a nice day.

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