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Setting up Active Directory (AD)

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This is a copy of an old post, and I will try to update as I have more links (and for some reason the forum software will not parse the tags correctly on most of the links).


Windows 2000 DNS and Active Directory Information and Technical Resources (298448)



How to Configure Active Directory on a Home Network (260362)



HOW TO: Create an Active Directory Server in Windows 2000 (300921)



Troubleshooting Common Active Directory Setup Issues in Windows 2000 (260371)



Setting Up the Domain Name System for Active Directory (237675)



Configuring Windows 2000 DNS to Support Active Directory



How to Verify an Active Directory Installation (298143)



Remember, DNS is the absolute backbone to getting this to work. Make sure you understand how DNS is to be setup *before* you start deploying AD.


Most of the stuff that applies to Windows 2000 Server will be the same for Windows Server 2003. However, Windows Server 2003 has more tools and utilities for working with AD, and that can be researched separately.

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