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John Cold

compiling c code

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greetings commrades,


is there anybody who understands how to compile code using the gcc compiler built in to fc1. i assumed that the compiler itself had to be added from the cd so ofcourse i tried to add it...but, low and behold an error ocurred while trying to install one of the rpm packages and i have no idea what packages i do and dont need(theres a load of em as u know). if anybody could even vaguely run me thru the steps of setting up and using the gcc compiler, i'd appreciate it



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If you are new to Linux, I suggest you install everything. Barring that, rerun the install and perform an update. You will see development tools ... add them. As RC uses a RPM system for installation, the installer will resolve the dependencies for you.


Now to compile a program. Open a terminal window. I suggest that you then set yourself up with a place to experiment:


name>mkdir source (a place where you will put source)

name>cd source

source>mkdir firsttest (your first project)

source>cd firsttest

firsttest>touch program1.c (your first program, for example)

firsttest>gedit program1.c (good editor - knows c and hilights)


*** Put a simple program in like the famous ...


#include <stdio.h>




printf("Hello World, this is my first compilation");



*** Save the file and exit


firsttest> gcc -o program1 program1.c (This will compile / link)

firsttest>./program1 (Well, you know what you will see)


Thats all there is to it. You can type gcc --help to see a list of what the compiler switches are. Note, this is a very simple example and will help you determine if you got all the compiler stuff loaded.


I strongly urge you to let the installer do the install for you. There are really a number of packages you need and it would be very frustrating to try to do it piecemeal if you are not familiar with the Linux programming environment.



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