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mounting windows drives

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#1 sasfmj



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Posted 08 February 2005 - 04:42 AM


I belive hav have just mounted my unused 30gig partion i use in windows and i beleve have mounted it as hda5

mount /dev/hda5 /mnt/hda5

it dosent say anything after just goes to another command line.

when i look at the properties on the /mnt/hda5 folder it says its about 30gig so i figure ive done it right

but what i would like to know is how do i copy files etc to this folder because when i copy and paste to the folder it just coms up with an error saying:-

Access denied
Could not write to /mnt/hda5/(filename)

can anyone help???



#2 Jimxugle



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Posted 08 February 2005 - 06:00 AM

You Need to Set The File Permissions...

Go into the /mnt/ Folder, right click on hda5 and then there should be somthing about permissions there.

Thats in FC3... but if you're using Gentoo or mandrake or smothing... try googleing it.



#3 danleff


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Posted 08 February 2005 - 12:56 PM

The easy way out in Fedora...go to the start menu-->System tools-->file Manager-Superuser mode.

This will give you direct rights to mount and transfer any files from any partition, as long as it is mounted.

Remember, you mounted the drive a root, so it needs root privileges to access the drive.

#4 matttah



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Posted 08 February 2005 - 10:57 PM

You can assing your hard drive to be mountable by different groups in the fstab...for example:
/dev/hda5 /mnt/hda5 ext3 defaults,users 0 0
That line if added to your fstab will mount the /dev/hda5 drive automatically on boot up. It is configured for an ext3 system. It allows all "users" which is a group, to access the drive freely.
(I am at school at the moment so not sure if that is perfect syntax, but should get yuo going!)

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