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grub password

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how do i put a password on grub after i completed installing linux??

if i have a dualboot system a linux and windows and i place a password on grub, if the user cannot provide the right password does it mean that he cannot use even the windows os???

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Applicable extracts from the GRUB Manual:




password [--md5] passwd [new-config-file]

If used in the first section of a menu file, disable all interactive editing control (menu entry editor and command-line) and entries protected by the command lock. If the password passwd is entered, it loads the new-config-file as a new config file and restarts the GRUB Stage 2, if new-config-file is specified. Otherwise, GRUB will just unlock the privileged instructions. You can also use this command in the script section, in which case it will ask for the password, before continuing.

The option --md5 tells GRUB that passwd is encrypted with md5crypt (see md5crypt).



Prevent normal users from executing arbitrary menu entries. You must use the command password if you really want this command to be useful (see password).


This command is used in a menu, as shown in this example:


[tt] title This entry is too dangerous to be executed by normal users


root (hd0,a)

kernel /no-security-os[/tt]


In other words:

If you set a password, then all the boot entries are fixed "as is" and aren't

editable unless you supply the password.

In addition to the above, any entry marked with "lock" can't be booted unless

you supply the password.


crystal clear? got it?





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