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Creating a dualboot with Linux Redhat 9 and WinXP with linux already installed..

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I have a big problem!!!


I want to install winxp as a dualboot on my laptop that is already running redhat9, i know the easiest/best way would be to reinstall evertyhing from scratch but its not possible for me to reinstall redhat. Please help




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here's an outline of one way to approach your goal:


1. create a boot floppy for the RH9 system


2. install PartitionMagic on another system, and create the

'emergency' recovery disks (or whatever PartitionMagic calls it).


3. use the PM disks on the RH9 system to resize the existing partitions

to make room for WinXP.


4. install WinXP in the free space.


5. since WinXP has probably overwritten the boot sector, use the RH9 boot

floppy to reinstall lilo/grub.


6. enjoy your dual boot system.


if I've left out an important detail, I'm sure someone else here will

fill in the missing information...


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