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Multiple Group permission problem

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Hi, Im new to these boards and I'm not sure if I am doing things right, so just let me know if I'm asking something that is asked many time before.


Anyway I have this assignment to do, and its all about permissions. Its one of the take home do it yourself assignments, so I ran into a problem. The assignment asks you to make 4 groups with 1 user each, this is easy. However they are suppose to be some kind of company with different permissions on the same directories. Example. The group Executive needs the permissions rwx for directory exec-secure but the group Management needs read permission on the same file and the other 2 groups dont ahve any permissions. This is where I run into problems since a directory and files only have one set of permissions user, one group, other. Anyone know how to build around this quirk? Thanks a bunch.



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that's a great (well written, concise) resource, danleff!


Tjvelcro: since your question is an assignment and it's not in my nature to simply

give the answer to a student (this you must do yourself, grasshopper), I'll reword

your example. Hope that will bring enlightenment.


remember: the problem is an assignment. it's a forced circumstance.

you must find a solution fitting only this situation, using only the coarse tool

of the permissions bits.


reworded example - The Executive user needs the permissions rwx for directory

exec-secure and the Management group needs only read permission, while all other

users and groups should have no permissions.



that do it for you?



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