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A simple help thread, OS either Knoppix or RedHat

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I have RedHat on my laptop and Knoppix on my PC, these are the systems im "trying" to work with.



For the last two weeks I have been trying to compile some "MUD" source code, "Multi User Dungeon". I have the complete source, problem im having is for some reason I cant compile the code correctly, once im in the file and do a "make" I get the .o files I need, I then get stuck here. I cant figure out how to either compile from there on, or how to run my program after the make. I am also told to use the startup file to get the program going, but I cannot figure out how to load or run the startup file.


If anyone has any experience in this sort of thing I would be greatful for a little walkthrough, I know its a couple of easy steps but like I said, im stuck.


Mabey im also in the wrong terminal for configuring these, if you could please tell me what terminal I should be running this from that would be a godsend as well, thank you in advance.





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Since my RedHat is on my laptop with no net connection, I cant seem to cut and past at the moment, but ill walk through it.



ghost3 <---Program file.


cd ghost3



read me, data, doc, log, gods, src


cd src

misc .h .c files, I type "make" to compile them,

I now have added some .o files to this dir.


cd until I get back to a file titled area.


In the area file are some area files, creature files

along with my "startup" file. I type ./startup to run it

and i get "bash: ./startup: bin/csh:bad interpreter: no

such file or directory".


The is a second startup file in this one "startup2", so

then I ./startup2 and get "..srcdev/ghost: not found"


Another source I try to run will get to the ./startup,

when i run it it just does nothing but sit there.


Im wondering if im missing a step or something, I have been

reading on how to compile these progs for weeks now and

have had zero luck actully running one.


Thanks for your time in advance, hopefully someone has some

insight for me, im losing sleep over this;)




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Look at the readme file for installation instructions.


Did you compile it as per the directions?


For example, this page notes;




make install


As the compiling sequence.


It also may help if you post a link where you got the source code, so we can look at it.

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