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Another newb trying Fedora

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I tried to install Fedora Core 2 Server on one of my computers that also runs W2K3 Server. I installed the Fedora to the 3rd partition on the secondary hard drive, bieng that the primary hard drive is dedicated to the 2K3 OS on the primary partition and backups for my other systems on the second partition. When the installation completed I could access Fedora, which actually looks to be a great OS, but when I rebooted I no longer had access to 2K3. I changed the grub.conf and Menu.lst files to represent the fact that I have Server 2K3 on the first partition of the primary HD (Win 2K3 Server =/dev/hda1). I then rebooted in an effort to get back into Windows, no go. I did a lot of searching on the net for ways to fix the install so it would boot back into Windows, everything I read said that I needed to fixmbr from the recovery CD. I did this, I could no longer access either installation, so I moved all of my important files out of the W2K3 Server partition into the backup partition, formatted and reinstalled 2K3, now I can use the 2K3, but not the Fedora.




I also tried installing Fedora on one of my other comps and copying the first 512bytes of the partition on to a floppy using the command:

dd if=/dev/hdb3 of=bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1

cat bootsect.lnx> /dev/fd0

but got an incorrect function error on the dd commmand.




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This sounds like the old XP-next-to-Windows booting problem.


You created your Fedora partitions with the Fedora partitioning utility? There is a mismatch between how Windows and Fedora sees the partitions.


To do it right, I'd create your Fedora partitions with a Windows partitioning utility. If you don't have it, Partition Magic is invaluable. As much as I detest Windows, I even installed XP back on hda1 just so I could use PM Magic! smile


Anyway, this problem will go away if you use PM to create your Fedora partitions. I'd create a 100 MB /boot partition immediately after hda1 (Windows), then your / partition, a swap partition (3xRAM in size) and a /home partition. Format all except the swap with ext3.


At the end of the install, install grub boot loader to the MBR and tell it you want Windows as a grub boot choice as well.


You should then be able to freely boot between Windows and Fedora after the install. Good luck!

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Well actually I created and formatted the partitions with Ranish Partition Manager... I will try again with Partition Magic, hopefully you're right and it works out a little differently this time...

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Ranish is for Windows right? I'm not familiar with Ranish, so I couldn't advise you on whether or not it is as good as PM or not. You should have something similar to this in your /boot/grub/grub.conf below the grub entry for Fedora...

title Windows at hda1rootnoverify (hd0,0)chainloader +1savedefault


With grub, hda1 becomes,(hd0,0) and hda2 would be (hd0,1) and so on.


That *should* get you into windows and should get written when installing grub during the Fedora install.

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