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Suse Enterprise Server 9,

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I just got an old 8 way xeon Proliant (Compaq 8500) server (8 xeons 550 Mhz) 4Gb ram, today.. I was drooling....

I got out 4 CD set of Suse enterprise server 9.0 eval kit, in mail in October, says "will support up to 128 procs x86", tech info specs. Started to load Suse after setting up SmartStart raid controller, so everything is going good, untill the first CD starts to unpack and boom! system hangs and hangs, do a power down.. re-do the same and boom! hangs... no pci cards empty bus, no strange stuff inside (I did load this Suse on a 4 xeon PII 450 Mhz, 6Gb, all 4 procs ran smooth as silk..(Proliant 7000) vay cool machine, not mine.). Loded Wk2000, loads and runs, but only 4 procs supported, server ops'ck good.. So..WHAT IS IT ? Why such fine software is NOT installing at all... It is "THE Ultimate Linux server package to own !!!" I recomend this everyone to try it...

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Hmmm, at least you got past CD2. I have enterprise server 9 evaluation CDs. The package only includes 4 CDs; however, I can't even get past CD2. It starts on one fine, then won't recognize CD2...and I've tried all 4.


Did you have this problem?




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