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Automatic USB dection for digital camera/external HD?

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How do I make my digital camera to be automatically loaded, detected, or a program to open it up when I plug into a USB plug in my computer?


I'm using Knoppix 3.7 and I remember that with Mandrake and fedora core 3 it would be automatic detected and bring a proman to donwload my pics. I'm able to see that it is detected I think if I go through "USB viewer" program, but it just tells me info. I already installed digikam, gphoto, imagemagick, and gtkam to see if this program will detect my camera, but I have had no luck.


I also have an external HD that used be detected under Fedora C3 as soon as I would turn it on...How can I make USB detection automatic?


btw, my digital cameria is an Olympus S400.

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