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Help - Fedora Core 3 RAID recommendations?

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Hi all,


Great site. I am new to linux and would like to set up some test servers at work. These are older servers without onboard raid etc. I am also thinking of setting up a simple file server and maybe a intranet webserver using apache.


What I am looking for...


An IDE Raid card that is confirmed to work with Fedora 3. I am hoping that it is at least ata/100. I am considering using a mirror/duplex or a Raid 5 depending upon which card I run across. Why IDE? Mostly due to cost considerations - like I said, these are older servers that otherwise won't be used so I thought I would put Linux/Fedora on them to learn a bit and get some use out of them. I also have a bunch of low-end ata133 drives that I could use (no need to buy SATA or SCSI drives).


Also - is there a list somewhere of all the hardware supported natively by Fedora? This would help out a lot obviously.


Thanks for any and all help,






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