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Torcs running VERY slow on FC2 and ATI Rage 128

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Hi all


Firstly I am a newbie to Linux (quite experienced with the other flavour though), I understand many commands, directory structure, but when it comes to Linux hardware configuration and the like I have no idea.


I installed Torcs from rpm to a 1.8GHz P4 / 256MB RAM with FC2 Linux and a Rage 128 (Ultra?) card. Everything works - no error messages - except when the race starts the frame rate becomes non-existant (best reffered as seconds per frames rather than fps!)


I have followed several threads alluding to Xorg, r128 drivers and the like but I need a real laymans explaination as to why this wont work and what if anything can be done to fix it.


Appreciate any help.



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